Chemical Accreditation Courses

New Courses Chemical Accreditation

Chemical Accreditation Courses

We are excited to announce 3 new courses for our Silver members. We have teamed up with AgForce, a Registered Training Organisation, to offer Nationally recognised Chemical Accreditation training through self-paced correspondence. No need to leave the farm! Chemical Accreditation $290 This customised course can support you in: Meeting quality assurance requirements Achieving Workplace Safety …

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Help For Farmers

Free Resources to Help Farmers

Knowing what forms to use, and how to use them, is a problem that many farmers have. There are so many places to get information, and much of it is complicated and confusing. To help Australian Grain Producers, GPA Training is working on some simple packets that can be slotted into a workplace safety system.  …

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New Cgs

New Course: Cropping and Grazing Safety

The Cropping and Grazing course is perfect for a new employee to complete prior to arriving on farm for their first day of work.
It introduces the new worker to topics like safety on farm, managing risks, farm machinery, livestock, farm workshop and other farm risks.

New Fire Safety

New Course: Fire Safety & Preparedness

We are happy to announce that a new course, Fire Safety & Preparedness, is available on the GPA Training site. Bringing together guidance from the Victorian Country Fire Authority and the South Australian Country Fire Service, this course covers information that anyone involved in farm activities, who could find themselves involved in a farm fire, should …

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Gpa Training Announcement

Introducing GPA Training

A grains industry stewardship and training platform Grain Producers Australia has developed an online training platform to deliver real-time, farmer-driven online training to meet changing industry standards, while also putting farmers ahead of the game. The website and training modules are customisable and able to deliver what your company needs, with specific content currently available …

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