Frequently Asked Questions

About GPA Training

What is GPA Training?

GPA Training is an online training platform that’s an initiative of Grain Producers Australia. It offers different training courses specifically developed for farmers and their businesses. It is designed by growers and experienced industry professionals, with the needs of farmers in mind, to make it user-friendly and efficient – to save time and reduce costly red tape.

How does it operate?

Through a very clearly presented online training platform, GPA Training will inform and instruct producers and carriers of the risks and requirements for entering your Agricultural Workplaces to deliver or receive goods.

How long does the training take?

Each course is a different length.
The Grain Site Delivery Induction is estimated to take about 20 minutes to sign-up and complete.

Who will need to complete a safety induction?

Individual businesses will decide on their induction requirements, so you check with a business if you need an induction.
The most common are:

Farm Workers – Some individual farms are requiring an induction before allowing anyone to work on the farm.

Producers – customers who conduct their own deliveries or pick-ups from grain delivery sites, including sample drops.

Carriers – representatives of freight companies who deliver, or pick-up from grain delivery sites.

Passengers – individuals travelling in the vehicle of a Producer or Carrier who require access to a grain delivery site.

Who holds my personal information?

GPA Training manages and holds the data on the platform.
Your data is only shared with others after you give permission. Two examples of this are:

Grain delivery companies who request a list of people who have done the induction required for their sites. We will only share the information with companies you have nominated.

External Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) who will provide you with additional training (e.g. Chem card accreditation). You will be asked to give us permission to send your details to the RTO.

Your credit card information is stored separately in a secure payment system (Stripe or PayPal) and we do not ever share this information with another party.

How often do I have to repeat a course?

Your certificate of completion shows the date that you complete a course. Each company will decide how frequently you need to repeat your training.

How long does my membership last?

If you are a Bronze member (free membership), your membership will last for 18 months after the last course you complete.

If you are a Silver member (paid membership), your annual subscription provides access to all our training courses throughout the year. If you cancel you membership, you will be able to access the courses until your subscription expires.

Does this involve any additional red tape?

As more companies start to require safety inductions, the goal is to have this one induction course be recognised at every site. This will reduce red tape by allowing growers to do it once, not once for every company visited. The additional purpose of this training is to increase safety across the grain industry through a system based on continuous improvement. This is about doing the right thing by reducing risks and accidents, to be proactive with preventing government regulations being imposed on our industry. Poor safety standards and accidents will attract unwanted attention from the public and lawmakers with legislative responses, which will inevitably create added costs and red tape on growers, in order to meet compliance.


Minimum System Requirements

GPA Training has been designed for modern technology and with the user in mind.
It is accessible on Desktop, Laptop, and Tablet devices – while catering for connection speed issues in regional locations.
The content has been built to run on the 2 most recent versions of Safari, Chrome, FireFox, and Edge. It cannot be guaranteed to run on older browsers.

What platform is it built on?

GPA Training runs on the Stage IQ online training platform. Stage IQ is a custom-built learning management system, designed for ease of use and developed using the powerful WordPress software, which powers over 40% of all the websites on the internet.

Will it run on Internet Explorer?

Microsoft has officially announced that Internet Explorer is no longer supported. We cannot guarantee that GPA Training will work on Internet Explorer and cannot provide support for it.

How do I register?

Click on the Join Now button in the Main Menu. This will take you to a new page, where you sign up. Fill out the form with your details. Choose your membership level and press the Join button.

I have forgotten my password. How do I get it?

If you have forgotten your password, go to the GPA Training login page and click on the ‘Forgot Password? Click here to reset’ link, just under the login button.

Then, enter your email address and press the Get New Password button. This will send you an email so that you can reset your password.

How do I change my password?

If you want to reset your password, go to the GPA Training login page and click on the Forgot Password? Click here to reset link, just under the login button. Then, enter your email address and press the Get New Password button. This will send you an email so that you can reset your password.

What happens once the training is complete, when delivering grain?

Participants receive a digital certificate demonstrating they’ve completed the induction course. This needs to be shown to GrainCorp staff, either on smart phones or printed versions, when entering sites. If the certificate can’t be shown, growers and carriers can still gain access – but they will be encouraged and reminded to do the training, with a range of support options provided at site entry; including a QR Code to take you straight to the training platform. A three strikes rule will apply where the training will need to be completed before access can be provided, which can be done on site.