GPA Training Announcement

Introducing GPA Training

A grains industry stewardship and training platform


Grain Producers Australia has developed an online training platform to deliver real-time, farmer-driven online training to meet changing industry standards, while also putting farmers ahead of the game.

The website and training modules are customisable and able to deliver what your company needs, with specific content currently available on: 

Farm Operations

Workplace Safety

Company Training

Partnership opportunities are available to deliver company specific training, to meet individual processes and protocols.

Areas that could be included as modules in the future include:

Benefits for your Company

  • A secure online training platform to deliver inductions, training or updated policy to your employees, contractors or partners
  • Highlight workplace, health and safety (WHS) compliant activities
  • Access to other industry relevant courses to enhance your business WHS activities in conjunction with existing industry programs or initiatives
  • End user support through GPA training

Benefits for farmers

  • A single induction may allow access to a number of sites, companies etc
  • Access to on-farm WHS information for farm safety
  • Delivering modules and induction material, access in real time with accountability and reporting
  • Ongoing updates and content being added to improve on-farm safety practices, compliance, while also providing education to all those involved in the business
  • One flat rate for a year – a simple, upfront fee for a years worth of training

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