New Course: Farm Worker – Harvest Ready

New Course Farm Worker Harvest Ready

Do you have harvest workers who are not familiar with working on a grain farm?

The Farm Worker – Harvest Ready course gives them a basic grain farm worker orientation.

The course is broken down into a few key areas:

  • Working on a grain farm
  • Vehicles and machinery
  • Grain harvest equipment
  • Trucks
  • Grain handling and delivery

To help them further understand what it is like to work on a grain farm during harvest, some of the lessons are videos of an actual harvest and conversation with the workers.

The Farm Worker – Harvest Ready course can be used as an introduction for people with limited experience or awareness of grain farm harvest operations.

More Harvest Worker Courses

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To make sure your harvest workers understand the basics before they step foot on your farm… have them complete the Farm Worker – Harvest Ready course, as well as

  • Cropping and Grazing Safety
  • Fire Safety & Preparedness
  • COVID-19 and Your Workplace
  • Grain Site Delivery (if they will be delivering to a receival site)

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