Mouse Bait Stewardship

Mouse Bait Stewardship

Mouse Bait Stewardship

The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) has issued a permit to Grain Producers Australia (GPA) for the supply of certain mouse baits containing 50g/kg zinc phosphide (permit PER90799).

This course will assist users with the compliance requirements of permit PER90799.

When The Safety Regulator Arrives

When the Safety Regulator Arrives

Do You Know What To Expect When the Safety Regulator Arrives?

Being a grain producer can be one of the most hazardous jobs if you don’t have your risks under control.
Health and safety is not a specific thing you bolt onto your operation when you finally get around to it, it’s an outcome of a well-run farm.
From time to time you may find a Health and safety inspector has come to visit. Or you may find yourself talking to them after someone has been hurt.
As part of Farm Safety Week 2022, Grain Producers Australia hosted a webinar to help you and your farm with being prepared.
This course includes a recording of the webinar, as well as some additional resources to help you out.

Overwatch® Herbicide Stewardship Course Tile2

Overwatch® Herbicide Stewardship

To provide growers with a better understanding of the key stewardship consideration for Overwatch® Herbicide and pre-emergent herbicide use more generally.

Chem Card Reaccredit Course V1

Chemical Re-Accreditation

GPA Training is pleased to be able to offer our Silver Members access to Chemical Re-Accreditation training.

Chem Card Operator Course V1

Chemical Commercial Operator

GPA Training is pleased to be able to offer our Silver Members access to discounted Chemical Commercial Operator training.

Covid 19 And Your Workplace

COVID-19 & Your Workplace

The COVID-19 Pandemic affects everyone. This course provides an overview of how it effects agricultural workplaces, ways you can manage the risks, and what to do if an employee has COVID-19.