Frequently Asked Questions – GrainCorp and GPA Training


What is being launched?

The ‘Grain Site Delivery’ induction course will be introduced as a way to standardise access for growers and carriers when delivering to sites in the GrainCorp network this harvest. The aim is to lift safety standards at grain delivery sites with simple, modern, online training that only needs to be completed once.

When does it start?

GrainCorp will start encouraging use of the induction course this harvest (2021/22 season). Growers and drivers can sign-up now to complete the training. Further details of the training course and its benefits will also be provided to growers and carriers during pre-harvest grower webinars.

How much does it cost?

This service is free to growers and carriers who deliver grain to sites in the GrainCorp network. They need to nominate every bulk handler they plan to deliver to throughout harvest, unless they are solely delivering to GrainCorp.

How long does the training take?

The induction course is estimated to take about 15-20 minutes to sign-up and complete, through the user-friendly online training platform. An Australian-based help-desk is also provided to support this process for growers and carriers.

How long does the certification last for growers and carriers?

The certification will be valid at GrainCorp sites for three (3) years from the date of completion.

Who is GPA Training?

GPA Training is an online safety program initiative from Grain Producers Australia. It offers different safety training courses, specifically targeted at farmers and their businesses.

This program is designed by growers and experienced industry professionals, specifically with the needs of farmers in mind, to make it user-friendly and efficient and to save time and reduce costly red tape. The system is designed to take feedback and suggestions from users, to make changes and improve its delivery.

What happens once the training is complete?

Participants receive a digital certificate demonstrating they’ve completed the induction course. This can be shown to GrainCorp staff, either on smart phones or printed versions, when entering sites.

If the certificate can’t be shown or the training has not been completed, growers and carriers can still access the site to deliver their grain, but they should be encouraged and reminded to complete the training.

Does this involve any additional red tape?

The goal is to have this one induction course be recognised at every bulk handler site to reduce red tape, rather than having to complete multiple inductions for every site or company visited. 

The additional purpose of this training is to increase safety at grain delivery sites through a system based on continuous improvement, to lift industry standards.

What does the training cover?

The training creates greater awareness and understanding of hazard management rules and procedures in traffic flow; vehicle standards; driver and site visitor behaviour; and tail gate management.

Why is GrainCorp doing this?

This is a one-year agreement to start off, which will be reviewed by GrainCorp and GPA Training after harvest.

GrainCorp is taking the lead on this initiative to set the standards of the course and the broader industry.

GrainCorp is working with growers through GPA because they’ve designed a user-friendly training program with a targeted, grower business solution in mind. It is expected that other bulk handlers will support this initiative, to help drive these improvements.

This training is designed to reduce risks and accidents on site, and ultimately to be proactive in preventing further regulations being imposed on the grains industry, as a result of avoidable injuries.

This partnership between GrainCorp and GPA Training will hopefully standardise and modernise site inductions and build better efficiencies in the longer-term across East Coast bulk grain receival sites.

Will other bulk grain handlers be using the same system?

GPA Training is talking to a range of other companies to gain their commitment, highlighting the fact GrainCorp has taken the lead with this initiative.

As part of this, GPA is also establishing an industry-wide committee of growers and bulk grain handler representatives that’ll design and implement these agreed safety standards for grain site deliveries, with a focus on continuous improvement.

This committee will also explore the use of modern technologies to deliver GPA Training more efficiently and communicate new developments and changes directly with growers.

How do growers or carriers complete the training?

A QR Code can be provided at the first point of contact on site, which can be either the weighbridge or sample stand, which takes the participant straight to the online training portal.

Participants can access the course by signing up to a free Bronze membership with GPA Training here: 

Growers can also sign-up to a Silver Membership with GPA Training, which is a $55 annual subscription.  This will give them access to access other learning such as a comprehensive farm safety induction course and fire safety and preparedness.

This user-friendly service provides growers with simple access to corporate style learning, to help improve industry performance in regard to safety outcomes. This work responds to strategic priority issues identified by national agencies such as Safe Work Australia, to drive improvements in health and safety capabilities for industries such as agriculture, with better leadership and culture. This is about getting ahead of the game rather than playing catch-up.

For a limited time, anyone who works in Victoria can get a free 1-year Silver Membership, as part of a Victorian Government initiative.  There are a limited number of these free memberships so we can’t guarantee there will still be some left when you go to sign up.

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